Bring back recess (at work)! empowers you to make time during every workday to do something healthy, social and meaningful - so you’re refocused, recharged and at your best.

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Let’s refresh your memory about recess.

We know it’s been a while.

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It’s a daily thing.

Set a daily recess goal and get smart reminders to stick to it. Connect your calendar (optional) and get time block recommendations, too.

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It’s your time.

Choose from a menu of energizing activities like exercise, mindfulness, reading, and fun challenges to do with friends and teammates.

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It’s more fun to play together.

Build bonds with friends, teammates and others—anywhere in the world—by posting your activities and reacting to theirs.

We helped


hours of recess (and counting!)

Why kids need recess
And so do you
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Featured Challenges

Team up with workmates and friends to crush goals together.

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Olympic torch relay

Take a selfie while holding a flame, such as a candle or lighter. Post the photo and share it.

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I declare a GIF war

Try to find the funniest GIF matching the daily theme. Give props to other participants’ submissions, and we’ll tally up the winners.

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Optical illusion

Use anything around the office (or home) to create a photo that makes a normal size object appear either huge or tiny.

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Selfie Flipbook

Create a digital flipbook by posting one subtly different selfie at your desk everyday.

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Take a walk(ing meeting)

Studies have shown that walking actually boosts creative output by about 60%. Do your next 1-1 meeting on the go and prove it w/ a selfie. is free to try

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