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Just-in-time coaching and mentorship – powered by AI.

“We consume vast amounts of data daily and most of it washes over us or gets filed away for “someday”, but the right tip, at the right moment, can move us to action.”

Alexis Haselberger, Time Management & Productivity Coach integrates with your calendar, browser and mobile device to deliver real-time insights, coaching and scheduling suggestions based on how you spend your time.

Journaling – without the effort.

I believe will allow people to really understand themselves and build self-awareness. To have self-awareness and to truly understand what your strengths are is a gift to people because it will help them navigate their careers and achieve the accomplishments that might have otherwise been out of reach.

Tracy Edkins, Experienced CHRO

Powered by a zero-lift activity tracking and journaling experience, constantly learns about you to give you even more personalized guidance and content.

Mentorship – in the moment.

76% of people consider mentors important, but only 37% have one now.

Source: Olivet Nazarene University research, 2019 lets you make daily connections and share experiences with thousands of other users who have walked a mile in your boots –  to learn, commiserate, and celebrate.

This is just the beginning.

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Michael - HR

“I’m so excited to be rolling out in my organization. Just-in-time recommendations are the next wave in employee wellness.”

Akanksha - Services

Since we started using, I’ve been having much more frequent and meaningful 1-1’s with my manager.  Now I know how much my company cares about me, and it feels great.”

Olivia - Engineering

“ showed me how much happier I am when I learn while I work. Now it helps me plan time each week to read a white paper, watch a demo video, or run a learning session to share some knowledge.”

Timothy - Data Science

As a data guy, I love how gets smarter as I use it. Three to four months in, it still regularly gives me insights about my strengths and interests that I use with my leaders to plan out what I work on.

Sebastian - Operations

“I love all aspects of my job, but showed me I’m happiest making connections outside the company. As a result, I’ve moved into a more customer-facing role.”

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